Spring Data R2DBC with PostgreSQL Database on Amazon RDS


Creating an RDS PostgreSQL Instance

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon RDS service.
  2. Create PostgreSQL DB instance on the right button.
Engine options, Template sections
Settings, DB instance sections
Database Connectivity section

Spring Boot App Setup

Database initialization

Let’s get to the code

  • The id of an entity should be annotated with Spring Data’s @Id annotation.
  • Do note that we can not add @Entity (It’s not JPA)
  • The @Table annotation is optional.
  • Lombok is recommended to be used to avoid boilerplate code.

Test the REST API

  • GET all Book
get all book postman result
  • Create new Book
create new Book postman result






Software Engineer

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Eric Anicet

Eric Anicet

Software Engineer

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